FAQ – Phitomas Education Programme

Why do we believe in education?

There are thousands of types of people in this world. Some intuitive, some technical; some romantic, some practical. In chasing after success, we all take a different approach. Some of us know what we want from the start and calculate each step of our way getting there, while some of us take a surprising exit from the predetermined route to something completely different, and end up enjoying it entirely.

But let’s not forget… Some do not have the luxury. Financial reason can be one factor, but there’s more to it. Many go through life on a pre-set ideas of what they are supposed to go after, either by someone older, or his/her own mind set. As a result, they are made oblivious to something that they could have excelled at, either by outside influences or their own definitions.

At Phitomas, we take education very seriously. We think that education can be a crucial wedge for everyone to know that they are capable of change, should they want to. Education should offer alternatives, as well as a fresh stream of ideas always. It should be a means for aspiring people to achieve what they want to, and be done without discrimination.

We try to inspire more “unlikely” individuals into the realm of effective business IT, as well as digital design and prototyping, because those are what we are good at. Participant can be an artist, a competitive swimmer or a full time cake eater – everyone should have a try. Hence, we proudly present Phitomas Education Programme. It is designed to empower the younger generation with our certified trainers, specifically designed curriculum, and the best professional software that we have to offer….all these at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


1How long and large are the workshops?
Depending on the levels and projects involved, our workshops generally take half a day each. We limit the capacity to 12 pax per workshop, so that we can direct more attention to each participant.
2I’m not in an engineering, business or design courses. Can I join?

Definitely. Our beginner’s workshops are designed to help existing users who are not as yet well-versed to explore the features, and for anyone who are interested in learning the basics of the software.

3Do I have to bring my laptops?

Computer facilities are provided, so you don’t have to bring a laptop.

4I registered for a workshop but something came up. What do I do??

Awh, bummer. Please do tell us as soon as possible, should you find out that you cannot attend a registered workshop. Other people are on the wait list!

5How do I register?

You may email us at skhuam@phitomas.com for more enquires.

6What software do you provide training on?

Currently, we provide training on Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk AutoCAD

7Do I get a certificate?

Yes, a certificate will be issued at the completion of each workshop, or each longer term project.

8I am not a student. Can I join?

Unfortunately, Phitomas Education Programme is only for existing full-time students with recognized education institutions. You may want to know more about our training here or through  adsk_enquiry@phitomas.com

9How do I know that I've successfully registered?

Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email from us. Admittance to the workshop requires either a soft or hard copy of the email.

10How do I stay in the know for future workshops?

Please stay in the loop via our Facebook page here. Updates will be up on this website as well.

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