Phitomas is in the business of optimizing manufacturing companies’ manpower, materials, money and methodologies via leading edge enterprise software solutions and professional services. We help local and global companies become more cost effective and respond to the every changing markets quicker by making them leaner and more agile. We want to help make your company better, because our business is making you a better business.

Phitomas partners with some of the world’s leading software solution and technology companies such as Infor Global Solutions, Autodesk and IBM.
We’re an Infor Gold Partner as well Autodesk Silver Manufacturing Partner.


 Like suits, the best ones are the tailored ones.

Since inception, our focus has always been manufacturing. Phitomas understands, better than any other vendors, the challenges and opportunities manufacturers face in the rapidly changing global economy. The result of Phitomas’ attention to your specific vertical market requirements is a tailored suite of solutions and services which more precisely address your requirements than broader unfocused vendors.

 Our Objectives & Values

Our company is anchored upon the following OBJECTIVES :

  • To help companies optimize their resources and increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.
  • Design personalized suite of solutions and services that tailors to the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Provide highest level of solution competencies, domain expertise and support.


The following VALUES serve as guiding principles for our business:

1) Our world is built on big ideas – encourage creativity and innovation in every aspect of our work.

2) Teamwork A job worth doing is worth doing together.

3) Everybody’s equal here – as an equal opportunity employer, we accept individuals with the right proficiencies without prejudice while keeping the workplace fun and de-emphasizing hierarchy.

4) Work is a part of life, not the other way around – we promote a healthy work-life balance.

5) Together we build tomorrow, today – involve new employees in high value projects and other opportunities, while providing mentorship and skills training to help employees reach their full potential.

6) Being good is never good enough  – Constantly raising the bar of our workforce to benchmark global best-in-class corporations – our customers and our partners operate at this level and so should we.


Our Competencies

Optimizing customer’s 4M’s (Machine, Manpower, Money and Methods)

We help customers drive productivity, efficiency and profitability by providing them enhanced decision making capabilities with real-time access to information and visibility to their company’s resources (materials, money, and manpower) utilization via well-implemented world-class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions.

Help C-level formulate, implement and evaluate cross-functional decisions to achieve long-term objectives

We help C-level formulate their business plan by providing EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions to develop strategy, business plan, forecasts and financial modelling capabilities. The performance of each project/activity tied to the business plan are then evaluated against the goals via a balanced scorecard.

Digital Prototyping

We help customers get an overall picture of their product even before it goes down to the manufacturing floor. By using a digital prototype, manufacturers can visualise and simulate real-world performance of the design with less reliance on costly physical prototypes, reducing design and production costs.

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