Autodesk Inventor

Make Digital Prototyping your competitive advantage

Autodesk Inventor is the center of an open and connected product development ecosystem that enables you to make great products with professional grade engineering solutions.
Deliver innovative products faster

Autodesk® Inventor® products provide professional grade engineering solutions for 3D mechanical design, simulation, tooling creation, and design communication that help you take advantage of a Digital Prototyping workflow to make great products, cost-effectively, in less time.

Autodesk Inventor software is the foundation of the Autodesk® solution for Digital Prototyping. The Inventor model is an accurate 3D digital prototype that enables you to validate the form, fit, and function of a design as you work, minimizing the need to test the design with physical prototypes.

By enabling you to design, visualize, and simulate your products digitally, Inventor software helps you connect more effectively, reduce errors, and deliver great product designs faster.

Design and validate products digitally

With an intuitive design environment for developing initial concept sketches and models of parts and assemblies. Inventor software provides powerful parametric modeling, robust direct editing tools and advanced surfacing modeling capabilities with T-splines. You can automate the advanced geometry creation of intelligent components, such as plastic parts, steel frames, rotating machinery, tube and pipe runs, and electrical cable and wire harnesses. Inventor software also helps reduce the geometry burden so you can rapidly build and refine digital prototypes that validate design functions and help minimize manufacturing costs.

Traditionally, validating the operating characteristics of a design before it was built meant hiring expensive specialists. But with Inventor, you don’t need to be a simulation expert to effectively simulate and optimize designs digitally. Inventor products include easy-to-use and tightly integrated part and assembly-level motion simulation and stress analysis functionality. By simulating stress, deflection, and motion, you can optimize and validate your design under real-world conditions, before the product or part is ever built.

Streamline mold design

Autodesk Inventor products include automated mold design tools that work directly from Inventor 3D models of plastic parts. Powered by Autodesk® Moldflow® plastic flow analysis tools, Inventor can help to optimize your design for moldability and minimize the number of mold iterations.

Improve design collaboration and communication

Reduce errors and associated engineering change orders before manufacturing by generating manufacturing documentation directly from your validated 3D digital prototype.

Inventor offers rapid and accurate output of production-ready drawings directly from the 3D model. Inventor product bundles also include Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical software for situations that require a high-productivity 2D mechanical drafting tool.

Inventor is tightly integrated with Autodesk® Vault, enabling the efficient and secure exchange of design data and promoting earlier collaboration between design and manufacturing workgroups.

Different workgroups can manage and track all components of a digital prototype with free Autodesk® Design Review software— the all-digital way to review, measure, mark up, and track changes to designs enabling better reuse of crucial design data, management of bills of materials (BOMs), and collaboration with other teams and partners.

Autodesk Digital Prototyping provides connected workfows enabling you to explore your ideas before they’re even built. It’s a way for team members to connect and collaborate across disciplines. And it’s a way for individuals and companies of all sizes to get great products into market faster than ever before. From concept through design, manufacturing,marketing, and beyond, Autodesk Digital Prototyping streamlines the product development process from start to finish.

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