Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling
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Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling

The Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling training aims to help participant to achieve higher level of productivity when working with assemblies.

In this training, participant will focus on Top-Down Design workflow by using Derive, Multi-Body Design, and Layouts. Besides, participant will learn the topics of model simplification tools, Positional and Level of Detail Representations, iMates & iAssemblies, Frame Generator, Design Accelerator, file management and duplication techniques. In addition, participant will learn the how to render and produce realistic images, as well as to create simple animation.

Topics covered are as follows:

  • Applying motion to existing assembly constraints using either Motion and Transitional Constraints
  • Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique for creating assemblies and its components
  • Tools for Top-Down Design, such as associative links, adaptive parts, multi-body and layout design, derived components, and skeleton models
  • Creating Positional Representations to review motion, evaluate the position of assembly components, or document an assembly in a drawing
  • Using Shrinkwrap and other model simplification tools to create a part model that represents an overall assembly
  • Creating Level of Detail Representations to reduce the clutter of large assemblies, reduce retrieval times, and substituting models
  • Using the Design Accelerator to easily insert standard and customizable components and features into your model
  • Creating rendered realistic images and animations of parts and assemblies using Autodesk Inventor Studio and the Video Producer
  • Using iMates and iAssemblies to work efficiently with assemblies
  • Using the Frame Generator to create members in a structural frame
  • Using pattern, mirror, and copy techniques to duplicate components in an assembly.
  • Working with weldments
  • Link and drive parameters to and from a spreadsheet. You also learn to custom format and create expressions in a parameter


2 – 3 Days

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced Autodesk Inventor User


  • Basic knowledge of Autodesk Inventor
  • Knowledge of advanced part modeling technique in Autodesk Inventor is recommended

Course Achievement

Autodesk ATC certificate of completion will be issued to participants with full attendance.

Course Content

Chapter 1 Working Effectively with Assemblies

Chapter 2 Introduction to Top-Down Design

Chapter 3 Derived Components

Chapter 4 Multi-Body Part Modeling

Chapter 5 Layout Design

Chapter 6 Associative Links and Adaptive Parts

Chapter 7 iMates

Chapter 8 Positional Representations

Chapter 9 Model Simplification

Chapter 10 Level of Detail Representations

Chapter 11 Design Accelerator

Chapter 12  Advanced File Management

Chapter 13 Inventor Studio

Chapter 14 iAssemblies

Chapter 15 Frame Generator

Chapter 16 Assembly Duplication Options

Chapter 17 Working with Weldments

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