Autodesk Inventor Tube and Pipe Design
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Autodesk Inventor Tube and Pipe Design

Participant will learn how to use of Autodesk Inventor Tube and Pipe environment. Through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, the participant will acquire the knowledge needed to design routed elements, including tubing, piping, and flexible hose. With specific tools to incorporate tube and pipe runs into digitals prototypes, the Inventor Tube and Pipe environment provides rules-based routing tools that select the correct fittings and helps the pipe run to comply with your standards for segment lenght, round-off increaments, and bend radious.

After completing this training, participant will able to:

  • Describe the tube and pipe environment and why you would use it.
  • Set up routes and runs and place the initial fittings in your tube and pipe design.
  • Create, edit, and manage routes for rigid pipe, rigid tube, and flexible hose designs.
  • Manage content libraries, publish custom content to content libraries, and create new styles that use custom content.
  • Document tube and pipe designs through the creation of 2D drawings and parts lists and export the 3D design data.


2 – 3 Days

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced Autodesk Inventor user


  • Participants should have completed the Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling Training or have an equivalent understanding of Autodesk Inventor user interface and working environments.
  • Knowledge of Autodesk Inventor part modeling, assembly modeling and drawing view creation and annotation is required.
  • Basic knowledge of computer operating system.

Course Achievement

Autodesk ATC certificate of completion will be issued to participants with full attendance.

Course Content

Chapter 1 Introduction to Tube and Pipe

  • Introduction to Tube and Pipe

Chapter 2 Setup for Routes and Runs

  • Setup for Routes and Runs
  • Placing Initial Fittings

Chapter 3 Routes and Runs

  • Creating Rigid Routes
  • Sketching Rigid Routes
  • Editing Rigid Routes
  • Working with Fittings in Rigid Routes
  • Flexible hose Routes
  • Leveraging Routes and Runs

Chapter 4 Fittings and Components

  • Managing Libraries
  • Creating Library Content
  • Managing Library Content
  • Creating Tube and Pipe Styles

Chapter 5 Documenting Tube and Pipe Assemblies

  • Representing Tube and Pipe Designs
  • Documenting Routes and Runs
  • Exporting Tube and Pipe Design Data

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